SlimCleaner v 3.0.21617: Eliminar archivos innecesarios de la pc

24 septiembre, 2012

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SlimCleaner es un programa que se encuentra disponible de forma gratuita en idioma ingles pero cuenta con una función muy importante para las personas que no saber realizar un correcto mantenimiento del equipo personal, ya que sirve para eliminar archivos innecesarios de la pc.
SlimCleaner no solo permite eliminar archivos, sino que también permite optimizar la computadora mediante diferentes procesos muy efectivos que pueden ser configurado de acuerdo a las preferencia de cada persona.
Este programa solo puede ser utilizado en computadoras que funcionen bajo el sistema operativo de windows sin importar la versión, debido a que cuenta con un amplio soporte para contar con mas espacio y mejor funcionamiento de la computadora.
Cabe destacar que una vez analizada toda la computadora muestra datos de los diferentes archivos y elementos con calificaciones y con la opción de borrar en caso de no ser necesarios para el correcto funcionamiento de la pc.
The industry’s fastest, most robust engine for analyzing and cleaning unneeded files that slow down a PC. SlimCleaner’s new cleaning engine is fast and powerful, analyzing entire computers in as little as one second.

The world’s first cloud-based optimization engine that allows users to adjust startups and services that impact PC performance, using community-powered feedback.

  • “More Info” Dialogs: Dialog boxes that give detailed information about what an item on a PC does and how the community views it, including peer reviews, “what should I do?” and comments from other users.

  • Granular Controls: Adjustable filters let users identify unneeded software and startups in seconds.

  • Badges: In addition to a personalized Wall, registered users earn badges and rewards based on various factors such as accuracy of their ratings. The Wall contains users’ personal profiles, ratings’ history, comments and trust network – whom they trust and who trusts them.

  • SlimWare AV Cloud Access: Lets users scan startup vectors for viruses and view results from multiple antivirus engines.


The first community-powered uninstaller with access to SlimWare Utilities’ community feedback, reviews and comments. SlimCleaner uses a real-time stream from the cloud to compare against community feedback and make recommendations about which applications to keep or remove.

Disk Tools

Easy to use disk utilities that allow you to manage, clean, and secure both internal and removable media using state of the art technology. Identify the data clogging up your drives or securely wipe sensitive information using a visually intuitive design.

Hijack Log

Scan for startup items, toolbars, BHOs, ActiveX controls, browser plug-ins and other third-party or malicious items that can “hijack” or modify a system. Get direct access to SlimWare’s cloud of antivirus scanners, or alternatively, VirusTotal, using the VirusTotal public API.


Windows Tools

Conveniently organizes system tools and settings in one easy interface. See all the windows tools such as device manager, performance monitor, security settings, restore settings, system Information and much more.

SlimCleaner v 3.0.21617

Release: June 19, 2012
File Size: 592KB
License Type: Free
Price: Free
Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


  • FIXED: UI issues in the Login dialog
  • FIXED: The create account and Facebook login dialogs are not compatible with the AtlGr key on international keyboards.

SlimCleaner v 3.0.21617

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